Monday, October 24, 2011

Face Painting

Got Iris all painted a few days ago. I gathered my materials and got started!
While getting paint at Menards, I found something really cool! It's a spray gun bottle that works like spray paint but you can put any paint color inside. This solved my problem of needing to buy an airbrush. The folks at Mendards matched the color I wanted perfectly too, so that was really convenient.
First, a coat of primer. I should point out that the man in that photo, my mom's boyfriend, has been SUCH a huge help, especially for this part. He helped me out a lot, getting me set up in his spray booth (along with my uncle) and sticking around for the whole process. I ran out of my own primer here, and he went to get me some more.
And then after the first coat of brown, he grabbed his hole filler putty and we filled in any newly-discovered mistakes.
But then, tragedy struck! I bumped the spray can with my elbow and the glass container broke all over. Of course, being the handyman he is, mom's bf said "Oh that's no problem, let me pull out the air compressor."
I didn't know it before, but he had a big spray gun! It had lots of valves: one to control airflow, one for paint intake, and one for spray size. He cleaned it up for me and we continued work with a much more efficient tool.
Second and third coat!
We got a whole 4 or 5 coats on this darn thing. The camera and florescent lights make her skin look a lot lighter than it is.
This photo at home shows her skin color a little more accurately, still sorta light though.
Next, mouth paint! I pulled out my old acrylics and mixed up a good color.
Also painted the inner parts of the eyes black. Not all of it, just where the eyelashes are going to sit.

Now all that's left is to apply a coat of finish, and to make her eyes, tongue, and teeth. Then, the task of her hair.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Drill Will Pierce the Fiberglass!

Drilled out the eyes and the back

I can fit my head in now! I put some paper eyes on to test it out, heh. Visibility is rough! Learning to adjust my "line of sight" accordingly will take some practice.

Marked out where I will need to add putty.

Now just to sand it down and she'll be all ready for paint! I've got to wait until I get my zentai though, to match the colors.

For now I'm going to concentrate on working out patterns for the hair and such.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now We're Getting Somwhere!

Tadaa~ all pulled from the mold.

I actually added a few more sheets of fiberglass and resin to some of the weaker-looking spots and around the edges after de-molding it, it was much easier to do that now.

Now I've just got to grind off the excess material and patch any holes or rough spots.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Small update today. Resin!

Freed the head from the silicone and plaster.

I poured resin into the ear molds, this is when I popped them out a few hours later.

Aaaand the FRP in the head! It was really hard to apply it through such a small hole. Those pins you see are holding the silicone in place since I didn't have enough registration keys.
Now all that's left is to wait for it to be ready to de-mold.


Big post time! Might as well show what I've gotten done so far.

Started out first by spraying the whole sculpt with primer. This let me see any mistakes easier, fills in any tiny holes, and smooths everything out overall.

Sorry about the yard, mom.

Sand the heck outta it....

Do that a few more times and it's looking pretty swell! It's not perfect perfect but I got tired of sanding at this point.

Next is silicone time! I slathered a bunch of Rebound 25 on this baby.
Had to turn the thing upside down sometimes to keep if from dripping off under the chin and such.
While I was at it, poured some into some makeshift molds over the ears.
Fully covered! This is about four layers, I coulda gone thicker maybe but I wanted to get everything done and I was running low on silicone.
And lastly, plaster bandages!

When those are all dry tomorrow, I'm going to do the FRP. Then it's just waiting until that cures.

Oh, and one more thing...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Went Shopping

More updates soon