Friday, November 11, 2011


Finally got the darn thing done. After like what, three months? Yeesh!

All right, lets get this last construction post started. I went to the store and got a few more supplies, most importantly craft foam sheets.

I cut out two shapes like this from the foam sheets, then cut apart two black ponytail holders.

Not quite rocket science. The strap goes around where the pigtails attach.

Just that one small detail really pulls her together. Oh, and the tongue and teeth were finally added as well.

I cut the teeth out of white craft foam, it worked out much easier and faster than when I tried to make it from clay. The tongue is clay.


Created the bottom of her ponytail, and then more craft foam for the ponytail holder!

Aaaaand that's it!
I went out the next day and got some pictures to show off the finished mask! Cleverly getting around my current lack of zentai with a scarf and gloves.

I really want to thank everyone for all your help and support. Wyu, Kiki, Jess, Odette, all my friends... I woulda never gotten this done without you guys. I know that sounds sorta cheesy for just a costume mask, but it's been a big learning experience for me, and a darn lotta work!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Axew, Get in my Hair!

All right, here comes the fun part! Well, not all that fun. Took me a good while to do.

Basically, time to get started on the main parts of the hair!

I created a pattern which is a larger version of a similar pattern I previously tested. All the fleece is properly cut out.

Stuffing and hard styrofoam are the next ingredients.

I cut the Styrofoam into a useable shape, then inserted the bolts which are what attaches them to the head. Don't have a picture of those. Then, I stuffed the oblong shapes with the Styrofoam and polyester fiberfill.

Made simple shapes for the lumps on the pigtails, stuffed them, and hand-stitched them onto the large forms.

Completed and inserted!

Onto the main ponytail. This took a lot of pre-planning time. I think I was brainstorming it every night.

The inside of the hair is to be stuffed with a large, egg-shaped plastic balloon. It's an inflatable made of four pieces, so I traced a 1/4th section and then modified that to have an extended top. Took a lot of measurements during this process.

The result is a big old bag! There is a zipper installed at one of the seams, so I can freely remove and replace the balloon, should I need to travel.

Pinned back the parts I left unglued and attached the hair like the drawing. The fabric of her main hair is two layers of fleece thick, so what I did was glue the first layer down underneath the flaps, then cut the outer layer to match with the bottom of the flaps before gluing those down. Kinda hard to explain, but basically it's so the transition from thinner scalp hair to thicker ponytail hair is less noticeable.

Not bad! The fabric gets a bit bunched up in places near the top, but I suppose it can't be helped. I'm pleased with the overall silhouette.

Final things to do:
- Cover padding in fabric, glue padding in place
- Bulb shape at the bottom of ponytail
- Yellow hair clips and hair band
- Tongue and teeth
- Adding adjustable strap behind hair

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eyes and Hair


Finally managed to catch my mom's boyfriend with some free time recently, so we got the holes drilled in. These are where I'll be attaching her large pigtails via bolts.

They're a little uneven on both sides despite my efforts... but that can be compensated for later. I didn't take any photos, but I later got a coat of clear matte finish on her. Unfortunately it's more shiny than matte... but not too bad.

Next, I opened up photoshop, drew up some eyes, then went down to the office max to get them printed on card stock.

It's a good thing I made several sheets, I made plenty of mistakes! I proceeded to trash the basement during the construction of the eyes and lashes. Totally wore out my x-acto knives too.

目! The eyelashes are cut from a black plastic folder. Thanks to Wyu for that idea.

The eyebrows are just printed on regular paper and backed with leftover card stock. I eventually used a small black inking pen (not ball point) to carefully fill in those white areas where the vision holes were cut out. I tried to use a black marker the first time around but it bled really badly. The pen bled a tiny bit too, but to a much smaller and more harmless degree.

And now the scary part... her hair!

A second trashing of the basement via fleece storm began. I used a pencil to section the scalp as a guide for cutting out the pieces. Fabric is very hard to work with! Even when you line it up to a paper guide, it flops all over.

Building up... my process was totally unscientific. Basically, laying bits of cloth over the guide areas, estimating where to cut, and adjusting accordingly. I managed to make very few mistakes, somehow! Took a while, though.

Everything glued down! I'm so close to completion, I can taste it!