Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anime Milwaukee

Went to Anime Milwaukee on a complete whim last weekend!

The bodysuit I got didn't fit, so I wasn't planning on going to any cons... but I decided the very night before to try my hand at tailoring the thing, since it couldn't be any worse off than it was, anyway. Did a pretty bang-up job, I think! I'm gonna replace it eventually, but it's nice to actually have a zentai now, quality of the stitching aside. So yeah, I threw on a school uniform I had lying around, and headed to the con! I forgot to bring my good shows though, bleh.

My camera's battery is completely dead and useless, so I couldn't get any pics myself. However, I did find a couple online after the con, and something cooler too!

Proof I need to pose in front of the mirror more often. Big thanks to a fellow con-goer for uploading this one, nabbed it from a youtube slideshow.

This awesome picture comes from this guy's gallery. Lots of photos of the other cosplays at the con.

I show up in this video at 0:55

And finally, I got filmed by the Nostalgia Critic while he was walking around with a video camera, and show up for a second around 0:27!

As for now, I've finally gotten hired, so I'm working on getting Iris's actual costume and all that jazz.

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Anonymous said...

Although you could have used a better hadatai, your presentation was quite good. Iris looked very cute. Also congrats on getting on video. A shame you haven't practiced many poses yet though.