Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Knapcon 2012 / Sakura Matsuri

Picture by Cody Nakamura

Hey there, finally getting to updating this thing.

Towards the middle of April, Jovina held her usual spring meetup, but this time under the name "Knapcon" (Kigurumi North American Perfomers Con) in the hopes to transform the get-together into a real convention! About 10 showed up, which is pretty good, all things considered. The event was in-line with the DC Sakura Matsuri, and is where we did our performing. It was a ton of fun! Meeting and chatting with everyone was also a real treat, they were all friendly and helpful and a lot of fun. I hope to go again next year, and maybe see some new faces! I think it'd be an amazing event if more and more people continue to go.

Don't have much more to say than that, we kigged in "shifts", and I got dressed up in the early afternoon, and manned a camera or enjoyed the festival otherwise. MJ and Setphanie were so helpful with my kimono.

I'd say the top photo is the best photo of me.. the rest aren't as flattering haha.
We took so many photos with people, it was crazy.

The morning shift! Stephanie, Cody, MJC, and Nerupo

We spent a lot of time at the photobooth.

I also found quite a few cosplays!

I got some sweet Anpanman masks :3c
There's also super cool picture of Iris over at FestivalDC.com! (4/50)

I only posted a small portion of the full report, you can see just about all of the photos over at Jovina's website.

That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're starting to grow into the body suit.

RinRin said...

Does the kimono wrap make me look wider? XD

tailshtt said...

te felicito por tu trabajo me encanto el resultado con tu mascara de Iris ya que tiene un gran parecido con el personaje espero que sigas haciendo estos trabajos de calidad