Thursday, July 24, 2014

Male Papercraft Model!

It took me a bit longer to complete this one, but here is a third papercraft model for anyone who would like it!

Model AML
- Intended for mature male characters
- Strong chin, female possible if you shave it down
- Approx. 12.5in in height
I highly recommend that wearers be taller than me! It looks a bit silly on a 5'2" girl. However it should look good on a person of more average height

1. Send me an email at titled "Paper Craft Pattern" or similar, and request which model you want.
2. I will email you back with my paypal address.
3. Send a payment of $15 USD, (Handle the paypal fees however you'd like) and I will email you the PDF file. That's it!

1. Give away my patterns for free or upload them elsewhere on the internet.
2. Use my patterns as a base for a mask you are building with the intent to sell to another.
3. Duplicate a mask made from my patterns except for personal, non-commercial use.
I cannot enforce these rules, but I hope you will respect my effort and time. I reserve the right to refuse sale to any person for any reason.


1. It's best to start from the nose and work outwards. Trying to glue in a piece that is completely surrounded by finished portions is very difficult.
2. The opening for the head may need some shaving, it's a tight squeeze.
3. Apply extra paper to the inside to reenforce any weak or warped areas.
4. For male characters, do not be afraid to make the mouth wide and the eyes fairly small! Characters like this have more natural human proportions.

Again, the method you use to finish these is completely up to you!

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